The Kingdom Careers “About Jim” page offered a short biography of Jim Van Hook, a successful music icon. It began by talking on how Jim gained his footing in the Nashville music world with a small ($500) investment into Brentwood Music, and details how after 20 years it had grown (under the name Provident Music Group) to become one of the largest Christian music publishers around.

Starting with his movement into the music world through a university setting. Having done his own study at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, Jim moved on to learn and teach at many more universities over the course of roughly a decade. Afterward, Jim moved to Nashville to help the Benson Company climb to the top. Finally leading to the creation of the Brentwood Music company, he helped the company win Nashville’s Small Business of the year award before spreading out to help more Christian music organizations in the Nashville area.

The page went on to detail Jim’s retirement (or lack of) and his current work and family life in Tennessee.